четвртак, 23. јун 2011.


So the school's over.

And these days I spend home,surfing the net and going to my pool with my friends.
And reading ofc.xD
So lately I've been obsessed with G.R.R.Martin's book series 'The Song of Ice And Fire',n' I adore it.
I read the first book that has 'bout 600 pages for 3 day and now I'm begging my mom to buy me secon part.
So I'm basicly reading all the time and can't wait to go to sea.
This year we're suposed to go to 

Blue Horizont.

Perfect white beach,blue sea,oak wood and only the hotel on the shore.The nearest town is about 3 or 4 km far.So it is very nice place to rest.But I think I'll be bored all the time.So I'm gonna carry 'bout tousand books and headphones.

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