четвртак, 12. мај 2011.

My perhaps best friend.

Even I found someone who's crazy like me.
We have same names and similar interests.
This is my pic for her.When I first met her in 8th grade,I wasnt even able to imagine how crazy she will become.And me?I was crazy since my birth.:)

And my Milica(that's her name)is crazy 'bout Metallica,metal music,going out,school etc.

So we went together in primary school for two years and then we found out that we'll go in same class in high school for 4years!!!!

I can't think of a better person to go on school trip w/ me.No one will be able to hold me on my seat in Camp Nou.

Love ya little bitch!

ps.jebo te konj raspali.:D

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