понедељак, 09. мај 2011.


Dakle,ovo je možda moj zadnji post na srpskom.0:)
Od sad pišem na engleskom iz ne znam kojeg razloga,čisto mi došlo.:D
So im turning myself into an english writer.LoL.
Dkn why am I LoLing.
Guess I just love to laugh.And smile.
Smile is the thing that make us humans.
I mean,if we don't smile,we become llike robots and thats sad.
Anyway cause I'm officialy writing in english im gonna put some photos I found on the net ,photos of London.In my opinion London is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth.I would surely wisit it if the road ever takes me to England.Or if I ever collect enough money.B)

Note:This ain't my photos,I didn't make them or any that kind of stuff.:D

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